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=P-Q  There is nothing about my life that has ever been “normal” and I’m okay                   with that. I don’t know how to put myself into a few paragraph. It feels like a            box! What I do know about myself and the universe, I equally know                            nothing about. I am dedicated to learning and stay far away from those who say they have all the answers.  I’ve had both other worldly experiences and WTF earthly experiences since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I have been on a quest for the truth for most of my life. I’m aware that it’s not the normal day to day life for many but for me it always has been. I never judge others nor do I pay any attention to those who judge me.

What I do know is that many, many others feel similar. They are ready for truths and find half fast explanations more than frustrating. I’m confident that whoever is meant to be part, will be. Every type of all of us who want to, will learn and grow and laugh and cry but that the inner dedication for the truth, they won’t deny. Sharing thoughts and experiences with one another should feel natural. Ignorance is not bliss! 

NY Daily News

Daily News- Maija Polsley began having otherworldly experiences at a young age and began attending metaphysics classes with her mother at age 12. She has since been dedicated to finding the truth and has not stopped exploring. Producer of the ghost investigation web series “Paranormal Pursuit,” Maija is a natural-born, city-dwelling, soul-seeking, independent former teen mom and single woman who is also a dimensionally educated, spiritually empathic writer, actor, poet, standup comic, tarot card reader, earth lover and quintessential metrospiritual.

Once upon a time and fairy tails do come true; Have you ever wondered just who they are talking too? Role models like Prince Charming and Cinderella have separated more than one gal and one fella’! Reality’s price tag for potential is seeing thru those of false credential. Naïve souls have lost what the universe holds, what magic it unfolds. The blind are left without their own blessing, so on with them and their own messing. It’s not our job to see for them, to pay their cost when their lost, to be their woes, then left like hoes. To this world what will be true the universe does not undo. Only you can lie to you. Let us be the many not the few. – MP


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