Our ET connections make us more evolved – Part two

Some people feel an exhilarating high when gazing into the never-ending, star-lit sky, while others feel a low that reminds them of how slow the evolution of humanity can go.

Feeling stuck in this itty-bitty galaxy can be frustrating for those who know they are different, and even more so for those who are a bit homesick but can’t quite figure out why.

There is so much out there still to explore and so many questions still unanswered. Like many MetroSpirituals, whose spiritual beliefs are not exactly traditional, you understand when other people’s actions are universally abnormal.

And while your own reality and experiences backs up your thoughts, it’s not exactly everyday coffee talk, at least not yet.

The MetroSpiritual: Close encounters with ETs is a positive thing

Recent studies gravitate towards earth not being everyone’s home-base planet. In my last article I interviewed an internationally-known expert on extraterrestrial contact, UFO abductions and what many call star seeds or hybrid humans, Mary Rodwell. One article was not enough to cover even the bare basics of this phenomena, never mind the bigger picture.

So as promised, let’s dive deeper into the paranormal world of ET experiences. There’s a good chance you or someone you know are having them!

Mary told me she does this work because she knows “how this information can help so many others start to feel normal and okay within their skin,” and that when it comes to extraterrestrial intelligent contact, “there is a broad spectrum of interaction and it depends on your awareness and your readiness.”

So, who is ready?

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I was most curious about who these humans in her latest book, “The New Humans,” were. As I suspected, they are the start-seeds, indigos, hybrid humans…the label does not really matter. What sets them apart from others is what they have in common.

They are more aware of their ET nature. They can be “upgraded,” especially in areas of telepathy, intuition and ability to see energy fields. They understand that we are all one big galactic family. These “experiencers” also seem to know when someone is lying to them, even if they don’t let on that they do.

The ET connection seems to be a generational, bloodline thing. Often times, if you had ET contact chances are one of your parents or grandparents did as well. It is also commonly a lifelong, ongoing experience. These ETs seem to be most interested in our DNA. Research suggests they have been involved in changes to human DNA for a long, long time.

Many of the children born after 2000 are even more advanced and Mary believes it’s a huge evolutionary movement. She told me kids being incarnated these days are also wired to be more open with advanced thinking. She says they are”wired differently and not as easy to reprogram.”

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They know things there is no way a child of that age should know. They talk about DNA structures the way a scientist would and speak about their past lives with detailed historical facts. She encourage parents with children who may seem “different,” many who have been diagnosed with AHDH or as autistic but in reality are highly advanced, to “Listen to them, make sure they know you are listening and are honoring what they tell you. It will be hard to shut these new kids down. We have to wake up now. Adults are also now being activated to being woken up.”

It’s easy for people to be weary of what they don’t know about, but let’s face it, this world is not at its best these days. Change is often a good thing and if being more awake results in a better overall quality of life, count me in.

When it comes to being open to ET contact I concur with Mary, who said, “This is a very positive thing. This is about us evolving into a more aware species.”

Mary will be embarking on a U.S. speaking tour this October, including Berkley Springs, W.Virg., on Oct. 21; Miami on Oct. 2; Bosto; Sedona, Ariz.; Detroit, and hopefully New York (hint, hint Mary…the Big Apple would love to have you). Go to www.maryrodwell.com.au for more information.

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Also, I have some pretty cool news: I just started a paranormal podcast. You can listen to my full interview with Mary Rodwell at www.paranormalpursuit.com/podcast.html

I’m also very excited to announce starting soon I will be hosting a live monthly Facebook show with psychic Angelique De Wolf along with other special guests. You can instant message your questions and we will respond to them live.

Go to my Facebook page for updated times and dates: www.facebook.com/ParanormalPursuitWebisode

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Until then, journey well.

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