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I’m always hearing about how meditation holds the key to unlocking one’s full life potential. Therefore, like any good MetroSpiritual, I do meditate; but not every day, sometimes not even every week. But then I remind myself of the many ways to meditate and the psychic powers that come with it. There are many benefits of meditation.

Rumor has it the key won’t turn unless meditation is used every day. I don’t know about you, but I still have much to accomplish in my life. Getting sidetracked is getting old!

Could slacking with my daily meditation actually be preventing me from moving forward?

I have a sneaking suspicion that spiritual laziness might have something to do with it, and understandably so. Life habitually feels like a balancing act. For those of us who are not expert tightrope walkers, we slip off from all of the turmoil.

Getting back up takes work. Keeping harmony in and discord out is a very fine line to walk.

Even the purest intention to meditate everyday can easily fall by the wayside when life gets crazy. Before you know it, months have passed and the idea has faded.

But what if the door to daily meditation is much easier to open than what we have been led to believe? And what if it is the universal key that unlocks all doors? Would you then be willing to try it, for real?

It’s important to understand that only you can help yourself to grow and advance in life. You have to intentionally put energy into “you.”

Everyone and their mothers will always have opinions on what you should do and how you should be doing it. Friends, family, social media, the news, advertising… they all influence your decisions.

But at least you can see and hear them! Be assured there are also entities in the astral plane (the in-between world where many lost souls hang out) who can also affect your daily life, especially if you’re not aware of them.

The ulterior motives, beliefs and ideas of others might not be in line with what is best for you and what you want. It’s time to turn your attention to your own badass self for the trusted answers and advice you yearn for and deserve.

Perhaps it is time for daily meditation to be worth a dedicated try! The most successful people, as well as the greatest spiritual leaders from the past and present, have all sworn by it.

I can’t help but think that out of the 1,440 minutes in a day, using 20 of them in exchange for a clearer, happier and less challenging life is a good deal. Count me in!

You don’t have to get all yogi positioned while doing the ever-famous “ohm” to meditate, either. But when you do make the time for a guided, deeper journey mediation — fantastic! From my own experiences I can tell you — what a fun ride it can be! But for most people, this is not practical for every day.

The old theories of having to clear your mind and not let in any thoughts is outdated and a bit ridiculous, especially when you live in a city like New York that’s constantly loud and full of distractions.

There are three main goals I feel daily meditation should achieve. The first is the most important. Without it enlightenment gets lost in shades of grey. Luckily, it’s easy to do.

Every day take a minute or two, and become just a little bit more aware of every little thing that is around you. Consciously and purposefully focus all of your senses on your surroundings.

This will help you become more aware of your own thoughts and feeling. The more aware you are, the less outside influences can affect you. It’ll be easier to trust your own intuition.

Everything happens in the moment. New opportunities can only surface in present time, so be ready to grab it! If you are not aware, opportunities will get lost in times gone by.

Humans tend to involuntarily relive depressing situations. I’ve been guilty of it! But I don’t recall much good ever coming from dwelling in the past. So enough of that drama. Move into your now and be aware of it in this moment or at any moment you choose. It will be your “now” regardless of time. Slightly tricky stuff, but not really, you get it!

Also, if you’re highly sensitive, being aware of your surroundings will heighten your inner alarm system to those — living or non-living — trying to steal your energy.

If you illogically find yourself getting angry or upset seemingly out of nowhere, chances are you’re under some type of a psychic attack. Trust me, energy vampires suck!

But you can’t call them out if you’re not aware of them, and you can’t get rid of them if you don’t call them out!

The second goal is to get some much needed counsel from your higher self, spirit guides, loved ones on the other side or whomever you choose. Just stay within the light, please.

The guidance and new ideas will come from the thoughts in your head. Often times they are being telepathically communicated to you from the other side. You might hear a high-pitched tone when you are being, as I call it, DNA upgraded or downloaded with information.

You will get a lot of information quickly and there will be layers of understanding that you can’t easily explain with words.

You have to be in a position of being aware of the information being given to you in order to receive it; meditation is a great way to accomplish this. It is the only way to purposefully do so, while in a conscious state anyway!

I often feel like our guides want to shake us and beg us to wake up when we are headed down a dangerous road. How can they communicate with us if we never pick up the phone or visit? Any psychic will tell you how important daily mediation is for them.

The last is to become spiritually enlightened. I know it may sound silly but I know those who are. These people, no matter the difficulty, seem to float right through life’s chaos with little affect on them.

It’s as if they know the secret to peace and tranquility. Is their secret daily meditation? According to them, yes it is!

So how do you meditate? And how do you fit in 20 minutes when time flies by? Hopefully you will have the luxury of ample time from time to time to meditate; try accompanying it by candlelight and sage.

For consistency purposes, you will also need to fit meditation in while doing the laundry, grocery shopping or even walking! Time should not be an issue for the spiritually active. Here are some tips for everyday meditation.

  • Envision a white light of protection around you. I use a purple light as well, in order to absorb any negative energy. This only takes a minute to do, so be safe and just do it!
  • Ask your guides to help guide you. If you’re like me and quickly find yourself in the astral plane, the buddy system is always an excellent idea. Like in any big city, there are many types and sorts from all different places. Avoid getting lost within the dark and shady realms.
  • Always start your meditation by taking three slow, deep breaths and pay attention to every detail of it — emotionally, mentally and physically. I usually feel a little tingly around the second breath.
  • Use your spare time wisely. Instead of playing games on your cellphone while taking the bus, taxi or subway, meditate.
  • Don’t worry whether you’re doing it correctly. Having random thoughts is normal. If they are not useful thoughts, reset by taking another three deep breathes. If the thoughts feel useful you might be channeling some good information. Listen to it!
  • When you have forced spare time, use your thoughts wisely and with the intention of being aware of everything around you. Practicing being mindful of your thoughts is a form of meditation. You can do this while cleaning your home or waiting in line. Finding the time to be consistently aware of your surroundings will bring a whole new level of spirituality along with it.
  • Try using mantras; a word or phrase you keep repeating. Transcendental meditation uses this technique. It helps with relaxation.
  • If you are going to use music, try one that will put you into an alpha/ dream-like mindset. The unbelievable occurs with ease during this state of mind. Use it appropriately. Driving or even walking while in the alpha state warrants caution.
  • Guided meditations are fantastic, especially for beginners. There are numerous free ones on the internet.
  • Even if you have to split up the 20 minutes a day — five minutes on the subway, five minutes while you walk to work and ten minutes at night — believe that you are worth the time!

I have decided to meditate at least 20 minutes every single day for the next 30 days in order to see first-hand how it will affect my life. I assume it will be for the better and that I will continue it forever. I encourage and challenge every one of you to do the same.

We owe it to our ancestors from the past, ourselves right now and for our children in the future. Be aware of everything that goes on and ask yourself the important questions.

Seek answers. We are the people and we hold all of the power and knowledge, even if we are not yet aware of it. Naptime is over and they’re all out of cookies and milk. Good thing we kept the recipe! Wake-wake!

Those who want to take part in this meditation experiment and share their experiences can do so here:

If you’re ready, willing and able to dedicate yourself to daily meditation for the next 30 days, and are interested in being part of a followup article please email me at

Only the open-minded should apply. No huge egos allowed. Space in Manhattan is limited!

Let’s share, let’s grow and let’s journey well.

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