Getting In Touch With Your Inner Psychic

True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing. I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.

— Socrates, Greek philosopher

Do you have psychic abilities? Most who believe in the paranormal can also be a medium. 

Even though it’s Friday night and the city is popping, you proudly decide to stay in and catch up on stuff. Besides, your liver could use a break!

You’re doing your thing, happily humming a tune, when oddly enough…that tune begins playing on the TV. Weird!

You notice the time on the cable box; it’s 11:11. It’s earlier then you thought it was. You begin thinking maybe you should go out and wonder what your friend Jen is up too.

As you begin to dial her number a text message pops up. It’s from Jen; she wants to meet up!

Considering all of the extraordinary co-inky-dinks, you now decide that a girl’s night out is a fantastic idea and get ready to go. Unfortunately, you both happened to dress almost exactly the same. Creepy drunk guy keeps asking if you dressed like twins on purpose.

You make your escape to the back bar where you meet a handsome fellow who turns out to be the love of your life and you live happily ever after.

Okay, perhaps that’s a bit exaggerated, but coincidences are worth paying attention to. It’s a vital part of our telepathically intuitive nature that every human being is born with.

We are all psychically gifted. The people who are aware of their gift, and accept it rather than fight it, are the ones who have an easier time connecting to the other side.

Young children and animals are very connected to the spiritual world because no one has told them differently, which means we are born with it.

I’ll admit it, when I was a kid I had a few “imaginary friends.” Still do! Life is not a just a series of random coincidences. Even if you never thought of yourself as psychic, you are constantly telepathically communicating. You just aren’t aware of it yet.

I believe we all have a predestined journey that we ourselves have chosen in order to evolve, and we do it through life lessons.

Like one of those choose-your-own-adventure books, you don’t always know which chapter to read next or what the ending will be. But it’s your book and your multi-directional story, and you can always go back and pick a different ending.

Life is a tricky little journey filled with mountains and molehills, tears and fears, highs and lows. It’s a long road and you can’t always see what’s around the corner. Sometimes it’s lots of parties and fun, with chaos and drama-filled potholes.

Other times you’re lost and can’t even find the stupid road because it’s overgrown with weeds.

And sometimes, wonderful things are just around the next corner.

Now I don’t know what happened to your life-journey road map but either someone took mine years ago or I was never given one to begin with.

Or maybe we do have maps, just not the kind most humans are used to. One way or another you will learn what you came here to learn. So I say, why not get as much help as you can! A little psychic advantage never hurt anyone.

I always ask my guides for directions. I ask for very specific signs that point towards my destiny, and I always get one. I must annoy them when I ask for double and triple signs to really, really confirm the message.

I do this especially when the easier-looking path is the opposite direction from my desired destination. But they’re good sports about it and besides, as far as I know the spiritual world does not have to worry about things like food or shelter, but we do. Apparently the good spirits feed off of love and live in light.

So what if you could connect with the spiritually advanced world and tap into universal secrets? Would you?

Gut intuition might really be divine guidance whispering into our ears. But if you don’t understand how to listen, you can’t receive the information. If our guides are willing and able to teach us how to communicate with them, then I for one am down with some one-on-one spirit -guide assistance.

One small caution: Once you are on the path of spiritual and psychic development, it’s nearly impossible to turn back.

I personally would never want too, it’s way to cool. But sure, it can be a bit quirky at times!

For instance, being busted talking out loud to someone others can’t see often requires some sort of pre-planned explanation. Not everyone around you will be on your awareness level.

I sometimes use the, “I’m blond, don’t mind me, ” excuse. Also, feeling the emotions of others can be taxing, especially if you don’t know how to protect yourself.

Or my favorite: Deciding if I should tell the person next to me that their deceased loved one is around them and keeps bugging me to pass a message on.

I decided to reach out to a gifted psychic and healer from Long Island, N.Y. in order to learn more about how we can all develop our psychic abilities.

Sandy Guarnotta is the other Long Island medium. I had plenty of questions for her, and we covered many fascinating topics. Her wisdom did not disappoint. I got the inside scoop on the world of the psychically advanced.

According to Sandy, we are all born psychic and there are seven basic steps to accessing it. She calls it the seven A’s: Awakening, Awareness, Acknowledgment, Acceptance, Adapting, Assimilation and Ascension.

You can find a lot more information and answers on her website,

Here’s a portion of our interview to get you started:

MP: What is the most important thing a person can do for their psychic development?

SG: Meditation is essential and here is why: when you meditate you bring yourself into the theta waves of a higher consciousness.

 When in that state of consciousness the other side can offer us telepathic communication. But the old theory of “don’t think anything or let in your thoughts” is wrong. Spirits will help you understand what is your thought and what is their communication.MP: How can you discern a ghost from a guide, or tell who it is you’re actually communicating with?

SG: One way of knowing the difference is that it comes in a very different form and there is a different emotion attached to a telepathic communication. Your own thought has to do with what you are experiencing.

When it’s telepathic, the emotion/thought is not about you. The emotion seems less intense because it is connected to another soul and you are able to discern the difference..

MP: I have seen my share of ghosts; however, I have no control over when I do and don’t. Do you always see spirits in full form?

SG: I do, but if they are stuck in between levels and their energy is very low, they wont come in full form. But most of the time I can see them like I can see you.

MP: Why is it easier for some people to communicate with the spirit? Are they just born that way?

SG: We are all born psychic, but your level of awareness often depends on what life you are in — how many times have you been here (as in reincarnation) and at what place you are in your spiritual development (how many lessons you have learned)? I’m in reception 24/7.

I do, however, have control of when I choose to allow the communication. One way I control it is, I shut it off by saying, “Okay, I need to sleep now.”

The reason why I feel them more is because of where I am in my development. I energetically go almost instantly to other side. I meditate to put myself into the higher level of conscious. I ascend while the spirit has to descend, so that’s mediumship, literally. We meet in the middle.

I believe I can see and communicate during this incarnation because in pre-incarnation I chose for this to be my soul purpose. I have devoted myself to this path and have also made a conscious committment to “the other side” to serve as a connection, a messenger, for them.

The daily practice of meditatation and functioning as a conduit for “the other side” every day, serves to enhance the gift.

MP: I’ve had a few experiences with negative entities, and it is not fun. What do you do in order to stay safe and how can people spiritually protect themselves?

SG: I start every session with meditation a half hour before, in that I have an invocation. I call on the other side and call on my guides for protection. It allows me the strength, in my addition to my confidence, that I believe completely nothing can hurt me.

It’s all about self-confidence. When you’re confident you wont be harmed then you are confident in your gift. You don’t doubt it, fear it, or question it. You know it’s spirit communicating. That’s when your gift comes into fruition and completeness.

I have done entity attachment removals. I can do it because I trust completely in the “other side,” in God’s light and loving protection. I know that since I have accepted the “job” as a conduit for spirit I will not be harmed while conducting energy transmutations, exorcisms.

MP: Although I believe we all have a guardian angel, I often feel multiple spirits around me. I wonder if it’s another guide or a bored spirit playing counselor for the night. Who are the guides and is it always the same one, or do they swap out guide duties every now and then?

SG: Guides are transient, they change throughout our lives based on where we are and what lesson we are learning.

Basically, when a soul crosses over it does not go automatically to “heaven.” There’s a space in between and there are different levels. Often a spirit is given the chance to finish the lessons while in the “crossing over” process or many times they decide to be a guide or a guardian to a live person.

“Guardian angel” is not an appropriate term; most guides are not angels. A lot of times when I do a reading (clients) want to know why so-and-so did not come through. I tell them that “the other side” decides who communicates and what messages will be imparted.

This is always orchestrated with a purpose for the highest good of the person who is receiving the reading.

I also explain that if you’re so heavy in grief you can affect spirits’ movement on “the other side.” Because of our dense thought and emotion they can get stuck in that in-between place.

Also, if a soul has crossed and they feel they have unfinished business, they will hover and stick around until they finish their business. It can be for years since there is no time on other side.

MP: What’s the biggest mistake people make when exploring the spiritual world?

SG: People don’t realize we open portals all the time just with our thoughts and intentions, and what that means is when you open a portal and it’s not protected anything and anyone can come through.

Something as simple as tarot cards or Ouija boards, and intending for someone to come through without appropriative techniques of protection, can let in some pretty negative stuff. Negative entities can attach themselves to people.


We will explore more of this interview in the near future, but for now I’ll leave you with this: No matter how connected you are to the spiritual world, life will always be a mix of sweet apple pie and sour milk.

But I can assure you that the more aware you are the less all the little things will matter. There is no room for judgment and hatred and you won’t want to be around it. Caring about what others think about you becomes small once you notice how huge the universe is.

It doesn’t matter what level of awareness you’re on, there’s always a higher level. We are still children on an evolutionary journey, so if you feel a calling — or a yearning or a whatever you want to call it — and you decide to step outside of the human-bound fourth dimension, please, learn how to protect yourself.

Just like people, some entities have negative intentions. I recommend sending a friend request to your guides. Chances are you go way back and have had many adventures together.

Besides that, be safe and have fun. Try starting with 10 minutes of meditation a day. You can easily find free online mediations and apps to get you started. Take it one MetroSpiritual step at a time!

Journey Well

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